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Old grain pit concerns Sasser residents

September 12, 2006

Sasser -- People in Sasser say the city needs to clean up a dangerous threat to their community.

An empty grain bin has filled up with dirty, smelly water, and people who live nearby worry someone may fall in and drown.

The big pit of standing water is less than one block from the middle of downtown Sasser. It's part of an old grain mill that was donated to the city recently.

"A child or even an adult fell in the pit, they can't get out on their own," said concerned resident John Walters.

For Sasser resident John Walters, the longer the pit sits open to the public, the more concern he has for the standing water being a breeding ground for West Nile Virus, or being a place that someone may drown.

Mayor Pro-tem Larry Hawf says the town regularly treats the water with larvaecide, so West Nile Virus is no threat.

"We've emptied it once, we've emptied it again today, we just pump it out. So we pumped it twice, try to keep it as clean as possible," said mayor pro-tem Larry Hawf.

Hawf says the town is concerned about the danger in people falling into pit, that's why there is caution tape up. He says the town just hasn't had the time since acquiring the land to cover up the hole.

"This really just has been in our hands since last Wednesday. But are plans is to knock a hole into the bottom of this pit so it will drain, then we're going to fill it up with soil," said Hawf.

"We live here, we don't go home to another county, we have to see this and smell this everyday, and it takes so little to fix it, why not fix it," said John Walters.

Residents like John Walters want the hole either covered with plywood or filled with soil sooner than later, before any community members are hurt.

The mayor pro-tem says the city's long-term plan is to turn the site into a park.

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