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Police look for suspect in violent attack

September 12, 2006

Cordele - A violent attack in Cordele. Police say a man was brutally beaten and left for dead. The man suspected of attacking him was recently released from prison and police need your help to track him down.

2:00 AM, September 3rd, 73-year old Oliver Williams was awakened by an alarm. He walked over to his neighbor's apartment where he spotted Tony Crews on the floor, blood surrounding him. "I didn't go in there," says Williams, "I went and called the police."

When police arrived, 42-year old Tony Crews was barely conscious.  Chief Dwayne Orrick says, "He was a little responsive, but then they had to sedate him very quickly because of his head injuries, so we didn't get a whole lot of information from him, but what we did get is critical in starting the investigation."

That lead them to look for 48 year old Kenneth Wayne Perry of Cordele. Perry was just released from prison in December after serving a 20-year sentence for aggravated assault. In that case, he was convicted of raping a woman and then cutting her throat. Police Chief Dwayne Orrick says Perry's violent nature is why he wants him off the streets and fast.  He says, "It troubles you that someone would viciously attack an innocent person in this way. You're heart goes out to him, the pain he's suffering, and the elderly people who live in that neighborhood also probably afraid at night."

People like Williams who says he hopes someone will turn in Crews' attacker. "I hope they catch however did it. It's bad to do somebody like that."

Crews remains in serious condition in an Albany hospital. Police plan to charge Perry with aggravated assault, and may file other charges. Police say Crews and Perry were acquaintances. They don't have a motive for the attack.

Anyone with information on Perry's whereabouts should contact the Cordele Police department or dial 911.

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