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Back In Action

September 11, 2006

Moultrie -- Colquitt County football coach Tim Cokely has had an interesting start to the season.

His Packers are off to a 2-0 start, but injuries stemming from an auto accident left the coach unable to fully take part in the victories.

One day before the start of the season, Colquitt County head coach Tim Cokely was out of commission after suffering a broken collarbone and broken ribs when the school van he was driving was hit by another car.

Packer senior Vance Cuff says the team wasn't going to let its coach down.

"The team was down, but we knew we still had to get the job done, because that wasn't going to stop the show," says Cuff.

The Packers won their opener with the coach watching from the pressbox.

Cokely started last week's game upstairs, but came down on the field in the third quarter.

Cokely says,"My wife told me 'You're not going to make it all game up there,' and I didn't. I just like to look in the eyes of my players and see what's going on. It was just so much fun being on the sidelines, I just wanted to watch them having a good time."

Cokely says he doesn't think his appearance on the sidelines motivated the players in the win over Thomas County Central, but Cuff says they know their coach is still hurting.

"He's into it, because he's in a lot of pain," says Cuff. "He's pulling it out here at practice."

The Packers play their home opener Friday night against Lee County, and there's only one place Cokely wants to be.

"My press box days are over, I hope," says Cokely, with a smile. "Unless I have another injury. I gotta be on the sidelines. I gotta taste it and feel it. You can see it up there, but you can't really taste it."

Colquitt County plays its first home game of the year Friday night against Lee County.