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A New Beginning

September 11, 2006

Albany -- The Albany State Rams do not have a quarterback controversy.

The just have two quarterbacks who split time on the field.

Division-I transfer Kisan Flakes has proved to be a very capable compliment to starter Terrance Ransom, and Flakes is focused on the future.

Albany State quarterback Kisan Flakes spent a year and a half with the University of Illinois football team.

After a red-shirt season, Flakes was suspended for part of 2005.

The Georgia native transferring for a shot at more playing time, and says he's looking to put the past behind him.

"I don't look too much into the past," says Flakes. "I always look into the future. I'm just glad to wake up everyday and make a change. I always think of just waking up as a positive thing, and there's always going to be a chance to make things better."

Rams assistant coach Donald Pittman says he likes what he's seen from the sophomore.

"He was a little rusty coming in, but now the rust has gone away, and he's making some good plays," says Pittman.

"I haven't been on the field for about 3 years," says Flakes, "so it's good to get back on the field and get a feel for it again."

Flakes is currently splitting time under center with starter Terrance Ransom.

"It's a good combination that we got," says Flakes, "because we're both bringing something different to the game, and we're both leaders on the field."

Pittman says, "It's great to have that competition. Terrance's game is getting better and better because of it."

The sophomore Flakes says he already feels at home.

"It's wasn't too hard to get acclimated and adjusted to the atmosphere," says Flakes, "and football is football, so it wasn't too hard to get adjusted with that either."

Albany State hosts Stillman Thursday at eight.

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