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APD forms task force to fight burglaries

September 11, 2006

Albany -- This time seven businesses on Dawson Road and Westgate Drive were hit. Police say enough is enough and they'll assign a special task force to patrol that area of town.  

The Clay Spot owner LaDonna Yurick cleans up broken glass. Her business front door was smashed Sunday morning. Yurick said store owners in the neighborhood warned her they would be next.  "They had been broken into on Tuesday morning, so we had an idea it was coming. We didn't know when, but we were being prepared for it."

Investigators say the same burglars broke into four businesses side by side at the Lake Park Village. Another gaping hole was smashed into the door of the Goodie Two Shoes, where the thieves took some change.

The burglars then tried to smash through the wall into the Nature's Cure vitamin store. Claudia Hutchins of the Goodies Two Shoes Shoppe said, "We think they were trying to get through to the next store. This was all torn up. They tore all our shelves off and threw our shoes out in the floor, and had a lot of sheetrock to clean up."

Next door a big shoe mark is left where they kicked in the back door of the dental practice of the Whittle and Miles. They stole a computer there. Then they smashed out the back window of the Delta Life Insurance building next door.

District Manager Roger McDaniel says he thinks the declining numbers of Albany Police has made crooks bold. "We've still have a good shortage of police officers for the city, so I don't know at this time if they can check any closer."

This was the second time Ed Jordan's Music shop has been broken into this summer. He says a passing police officer heard their alarm, and arrived while the crooks were still inside. Jordan said, "He drives around looking for the broken glass, but then they are running out the front door, breaking out the front door, which he heard. But by the time he got to the front they were gone."

Jordans' front and back door are both smashed now. "I am looking at $600 worth of damage again today."

Jordan is frustrated with crime, and will have to fortify his store even better. "Here we are on the Northwest side of town where we are supposed to feel safe, I got to put up iron bars to keep it from happening again," Jordan said.

Jordan said Police told him they caught two men with glass on their shoes Sunday morning, but no arrests so far.

Albany Police say they will step patrols in the Northwest Albany area, but Yurick says store owners will have to work together to protect themselves. Yurick said "Just looking out for each other, especially the small business owners. I just feel like everyone in the community needs to know what is going on."

All of the businesses burglarized say there is no money left in their stores at night, so these crooks got almost nothing. But it cost the business owners plenty to replace glass and clean up the damage.  They're also asking anyone who sees suspicious activity in the area to call them.    

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