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823rd Squadron returns to Moody

September 11, 2006

Valdosta - It's been three months, seven days, and several hours since Joy Myers began the countdown to this moment.

Her husband, Greg, and the 823rd Security Force Squadron returned home to Moody Air Force base after their third mission overseas.  But for this tour of duty, Joy decided to shape up while Greg shipped out.  "I did mainly diet and exercise. And it paid off," Joy said.

It paid off big. In the three months Joy walked over 860 miles and lost 43 pounds.  "It's a lot! When I look at the number, I get tired just looking at the number."

But almost harder than the work-outs themselves, was keeping the secret from Greg.  "He does know I've been exercising but he doesn't know the amount so I'm dying for him to see me. NAT"

And his reaction made all the hard work pay off as well.  "Just look at her!" Greg exclaimed.

Just as working out helped Joy overcome the stress of Greg's deployment, the thought of this moment with Joy and his three kids helped Greg pass the time in Iraq.  "It feels good to be home with the family rather than being overseas at this time," he added.

Joy hopes to continue her new healthy lifestyle with Greg and their kids.

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