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Neighborhood watch groups are growing in Albany

September 9, 2006

Albany -- It's a growing trend in Albany. More and more neighborhoods are organizing neighborhood watch groups along with the Albany Police Department.

Two days ago, organizers in the Doublegate community brought back their crime watch program. Today an East Albany subdivision heard from law enforcement just how to make the watchdog group work.

Residents residents in Colonial Village say more neighbors need to be on the look out.

It's not a closed case yet, several expensive tools were stolen from Janie McPherson's Ford Truck recently.

"The tools was in there they just got that, they took fingerprints. Here and back there on the trunk and they just come down, there was the fingerprints," said Janie McPherson.

But police haven't solved the case yet. McPherson and husband JW say something needs to be done to stop crime in their neighborhood.

"You feel violated, I mean you don't know, it's just different. You pay for something you want something to look nice, and you pay for it, then you come out and somebody stole your tools," said Janie and JW McPherson.

Janie McPherson will do whatever she can to prevent crimes such as burglary in or near her home again. One thing she does is look up and down her street from time to time, just to make sure everything is okay.

She's not the only one from Colonial Village Subdivision doing so. Others joined together for a meeting at APD to talk about tips on improving the Neighborhood Watch group.

"Since we got the neighborhood watch back to going, our crimes has dropped, we've only had one since we've been back organized, we had some tools stole off a truck," said Harold Williams.

Block captain Harold Williams says the streets seem much safer now with less traffic passing through, now that neighbors are reporting to police what's been going on.

Fewer crimes in the neighborhood are thanks to neighbors like the McPhersons.

"At my age you want it safe, you think about that. You want to be able to walk out of your house and into your house, without anybody else intruding on you," said Janie McPherson.

The McPhersons will do what they can to minimize their home from being burglarized.

That means keeping their doors locked, and keeping a watchful eye for unusual activity in their neighborhood.

The Colonial Village neighborhood watch usually meets on the second Saturday of every month at the East Albany police station.

The Doublegate community will have a meeting for people in West Albany Tuesday at 6:30 pm. That meeting will be held at the Doublegate Country Club.