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Young people face drugs and gangs

September 9, 2006

Albany -- Some Albany Youth are inspired by police officers to dream, get involved in school, and stay out of trouble.

About 15 young people listened to Albany Police officers talk about some real-life issues - like drugs and violence.

Police say there is an increasing number of teens involved in criminal activity, and this is their effort to bring down that trend.

Young people who came say the information was useful.

"You can get killed, hurt and injured, as you go jumping into gangs," said 13-year-old Jasmine Warren.

"What we're trying to do is to encourage young people to not kill their dreams by making the right choices, and we're giving them some ideas on how to resist peer pressure," said Albany Police Chief James Younger.

The teens who heard from police today are part of the Youth in Action for Healthy Lifestyles organization.



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