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Flu Shots A Plenty

September 8, 2006

Albany - If you had trouble getting a flu shot over the past two years, you shouldn't encounter the same problems this year.   Although there has been a shortage of the vaccine previously, this year health officials think there will be more than 100 million doses available over the next several months. That's a record amount.

Bobbie Carter says she's happy she won't have to wait in line for a vaccine she depends on. She says, "I do not want to take the chance of having the flu. Many years ago, before they had the flu shots, I did have the flu, but since they came out with the flu shots, we take them every year, my husband and I and we've not had any problems."

Carter, who is 74 is among those health officials recommend getting the vaccine. It's recommend for anyone older than 65, people with chronic health conditions, and pregnant women.

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