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GOP fumes over Taylor lease deals

September 8, 2006

Albany -- Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor is under fire tonight for money his family's business makes leasing property to the state. Republicans are calling on the attorney general to investigate.  

The State Pardons and Parole office building on Evelyn Drive in Albany is just one of the properties the Taylor company leases to the state. Right next to it, the Department of Corrections building is also owned by the Taylor Company and leased to the state.

The annual rent Georgia pays the Taylors on these two buildings is $186,500.

Republicans say the lease deals appear to violate the state code of ethics. "It's obviously a state employee, a state official, benefiting from state contracts," said Republican Senator Don Balfour of Snellville.   

"He hasn't done anything wrong. Even if he had received money, which he didn't, it would be perfectly legal," said Taylor Campaign Rick Dent.

State laws do not prohibit public officials or their relatives from leasing property to the state. Records show that six state agencies have paid Mark Taylor's family more than two-point-six million dollars for property leases.



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