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Nasty beetles do their damage

September 8, 2006

Americus -- You can't really see them, but pine beetles may be destroying trees around your home.   Pine beetles are finding lots of weak trees to feed on now due to the recent drought.

Small holes and red or white saw-dust are signs beetles may be infesting your pine trees.

There are a few other signs you can look for. "Look up at the needles if they turn from green to light yellow that's a good sign that tree has got pine beetles in it and these pitch tubes around the tree which is where the beetle actually enters into the tree, sap is forced out out, that's what the pitch tube is," said Forester Chad Pritchett.     

Lightning can also bring sap out of trees - making them a target for beetles.

The Forestry Commission sets traps in the spring to catch the insects. If you think your trees may be affected, contact the Forestry Commission and they can survey your property.



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