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Bike helmets can prevent serious injury

September 7, 2006

Albany -- A nine year-old boy who suffered a major head injury while riding his bicycle is now in fair condition at an Atlanta hospital.

The accident is a reminder of the importance of bike helmets.

Dontavious Gervin was riding his bike on Corn Avenue in Albany Tuesday night when he ran a stop sign and was hit by a truck. He was not wearing a helmet.

State law riders under the age of 16 to wear a helmet.

Albany Safe Communities director Michelle Demott says helmets prevent injuries and save lives.

"A bicycle helmet is designed to protect the skull, the brain and the spinal cord. You want to prevent the skull contact with the pavement," said Albany Safe Communities Director Michelle DeMott.

"Cost runs anywhere from $25 to $150, depending on how light, how aerodynamic you want to go," said Cycle World Owner Jim Laue.

Helmets are designed for fit, air flow, and to withstand impact.