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Student generates cancer awareness

September 7, 2006

Albany - - A young boy is raising awareness for breast cancer and he wants your help to do it. After 12-year-old Jonathan Jefferson learned his Lee County Middle School teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer, he wanted to do something.

So he talked to his mother, an employee at the Albany Museum of Art, about making these bright origami cranes to support his teacher.

The museum's staff thought it was a good way to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.  

"If you can't find something in art that's interesting to you, I think you're missing out on what can be a really exciting part of your life and I think with a project like this, not only do you see the creative aspect, but you're also doing something that helps others," says the museum's Interim Director Rives Sexton.

Each Saturday in September, the museum will offer classes on how to create origami. For $1.00 a piece, your origami crane will be on display at Phoebe's Breast Cancer Center.

The museum hopes to offer 8,000 cranes.


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