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More neighborhoods organize against crime

September 7, 2006

Albany - - As crime continues to plague Albany, more neighborhoods are fighting back. The latest...the Doublegate area where people are re-organizing their neighborhood watch program.

Charles Gillespie's lived in Doublegate for 40 years and crime isn't going to run him away.

"We've had several homes broken into out here."

And he's upset.

"We've had some confrontations in other areas but they're serious enough that I feel like we need to make an effort out here to be alert and look out for are neighbors. I'm retired now so I'm in my neighborhood more than others."

So he's hitting the streets, rallying supporters and putting almost 400 blue flyers on mailboxes.

It's not just a West Albany problem, crime has also spread to East Albany where people who live there have also revitalized their crime watch program.

In June, we introduced you to Harold Williams. He started a neighborhood watch in Colonial Village after thieves hit him and several of his neighbors - repeatedly.

"We'd like to put an end to it and have a zero tolerance in east Albany just like all the other areas of the city and once we come together as neighbors we can do that," Williams says.

He's made progress. City workers trimmed down tall trees and are installing city lights in poor lit areas.

Both Williams and Gillespie are organizing meetings to get more people involved in their crime watch programs.

"It's 84 houses over there and we'd like all 84 homes to get involved," Williams says.

"I was always taught to take care of my materials and also not to bother anybody else's and it aggravates me and im sure it does others," Gillespie says.

The reason they're fighting back.

You can attend both of the men's upcoming crime watch meetings.

William's meeting is for anyone in East Albany interested in starting or joining a neighborhood watch. It will take place Saturday at 5 p.m. at the Albany Police Department.

Gillespie's meeting for people in West Albany will take place Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Doublegate Country Club.


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