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Thomasville resident turns 108

September 7, 2006

Thomasville-  Ruth Wood was born September 5th, 1898 and she's one of Georgia's oldest residents.

Wood grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and moved to Thomasville later in life to care for her daughter. She currently lives at Southern Pines Retirement Center where she celebrated her birthday Tuesday.

Music has been a part of Ruth Wood's life from the very beginning.

"My mother was the leading contralto, leading contralto and she put me in a shoe box when I was two weeks old and put me up on the pulpit in front of her," said Ruth Wood.

Now at 108, Wood's age hasn't slowed her on the go attitude.

"Oh yes, I love to dance and I love to sing, I love to do both. I like to shake it, shake that thing," said Wood.

Wood sold furniture for Fowler Brothers in Chattanooga at a time when women rarely worked outside the home. She tried her best to be fair to customers.

"Because I never, ever tried to sell people, oversell, I don't believe in that," said Wood.

Now, she's learned to take time in life for a good laugh.

"My, my ain't life grand, just got divorced from my old man. Laughed and I laughed at the judges decision, give me every one of the kids, wasn't one of them his," joked Wood.

And says there's no secret in reaching 108.

"I have no secret, it's just what God can do, it's just what God can do," said Wood.

It's her faith and cheerful outlook on life that she hopes carries her to 109.

Georgia's oldest woman is Anne Christopher who lives in Rome and is 111 years old.



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