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People cash in on fraudulent checks

September 6, 2006

Dougherty County -- Dougherty County Police say several check scammers are targeting the Albany area because they've had success getting fraudulent checks cashed here in the past.

DCP continues to receive complaints from people who get fake checks like these in the mail. Many of the checks are from Nigeria or Great Britain.

Some appear to be from legitimate companies such as Good Housekeeping or Sony Corporation.

The letters say if you cash the checks and send back the money, you'll receive money later.

But investigators warn you could be charged with theft by deception.

"We've already began charging people, and we're going to continue charging people with theft by deception. And with this amount of money it's going to be a felony charge," said Lt. J.C. Phillips of DCP.

Police warn those who get these letters in the mail to shred them.



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