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Valdosta Middle School reaches out

September 6, 2006

Valdosta - Chub Charles has been a hospital homebound coordinator for three years.  She currently has five cases in Valdosta but none has been as serious as Acquavious Core's.  "Very seldom do we have anything of this magnitude," Charles says.

The 13 year old 8th grader was hit by an SUV while walking to meet his school bus yesterday morning. Charles was brought in to make sure Core doesn't fall behind in school during the recovery process.  "You would hate to see a child, if they're sick not be able to do they're school work just because they're at home because they are fully capable of doing the work, they just can't come to school."

She'll take him his daily lessons.  "When the student is done with the work, I bring it back, they grade it, and give me more to take back and I do give tests so they don't fall behind," she adds.

This will keep his grades up while allowing him to miss school and still move on to high school next year. It's just one of many steps the teachers and students at JL Newbern Middle School are doing to make Core's recovery process a little bit easier.

Students will send him cards, the football team he played on will dedicate the season to him, and the school will hold fundraisers to help pay for medical bills. "We may do penny drives, we may have students bring in different donations, we could possibly do car washes.  Anything to help this family get through this situation," said Dr. Edward Wilson, Principal of JL Newbern.

Wilson says he hopes the recovery process will be a speedy one, as the school's students and faculty are his family. And Core being gone is like missing a child.


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