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APD rakes in property, suspects

September 6, 2006

Albany -- Albany Police have recovered more stolen property as they continue their investigation of a Northwest Albany burglary ring.   Eleven people have been arrested so far, and Investigators have taken warrants for more people involved in what they call a major theft ring.  

Police are filling their property room with the stolen items and asking burglary victims to help them get it back to the owners. Part of the Albany Police Department's investigative garage is packed with lawnmowers, power washers, leaf blowers, trimmers, plants, tools, and much more.

All items stolen over the last months by a burglary ring they busted two weeks ago. Now the suspects are leading Police to the stolen items.  

Sgt. Kendra Wilson said, "The recovery of this stuff came when one of the defendants said 'I can take you where some of this stuff is, and I can show you where it came from.'"

The 11 people arrested so far range from 14 to 21 years of age, and more arrests are expected.  

Lt. James Williams said, "The investigators have cleared nearly 30 cases in the last three months, returning approximately $20,000 back to the citizens of Dougherty County."

Investigators say the burglary ring was organized to an extent, stealing everything from cars, jewelry, electronics, to lawn products, even plants. Some of the stolen property has been returned, but they don't know who owns most of it. "If anyone can identify this property, notify the Police department and we can return it," Williams said.

The 11 suspects are being held in jail without bond, while Investigators try to determine if they are gang members. As this two week old investigation continues, more stolen property is found, and police ask victims to claim it.  

If you think Albany Police recovered something stolen from you, you must show them some sort of proof of ownership, like a sales receipt or ID numbers. That's why Police recommend you mark your items with your name or Driver's License number, to make it easy to identify if stolen.

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