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Keeping track of City lights

September 5, 2006

Albany - An Assistant Albany City Manager says he will come up with a system to better keep track of city lights so commissioners know what work has been done. There's still confusion over what street lights have been put up, repaired or replaced for the city of Albany by Water gas and light, and just how much it cost.

WG&L informed city commissioners that they had, in fact, been working on a project approved in a sales tax referendum in 1989, but they simply forgot to bill them for it. Now they anticipate sending an invoice for close to half a million dollars for the work completed. And there are still areas that need street lights.

Assistant City Manager James Taylor says, "We can pinpoint them as accurately as we can, but you know lights are like the lights in your house. They are on today and off tomorrow, so we will do as good of a job as we can."

A joint commission meeting will be held September 14th at the Government Center to discuss the street lights as well as the charter that governs Water, Gas and Light.



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