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Juveniles may receive curfew

September 5, 2006

Remerton - If you live in South Georgia, Remerton is the place to be on any night of the week.  That is, if you are 17 or older.  "A couple months ago city council asked us to research a curfew ordinance in the area," said Remerton Police Chief Mike Terrell.

Tonight, the Remerton City Council will talk about an ordinance that would place teens 16 and under on a curfew between 10:00PM and 6:00AM Sunday through Thursday and 11:00PM through 6:00AM Friday and Saturday.  "Between those hours we want the parents to have control over the juveniles and we have a lot of adult entertainment in the area and it's just not a good place for them to be between those hours," Chief Terrell adds.

Although there has never been a widespread problem of juveniles getting into bars and causing a problem, Remerton officials hope the ordinance would prevent incidents in the future.  "This is more a proactive approach so we can have a tool to keep juveniles off the streets, given that there's a college scene of 18 and up in our city," said Remerton City Manager Brian McDougal.

Juveniles would be exempt from the curfew if accompanied by an adult or coming from work, a church, or school function.  "If there is a good reason to be out then we'll use our good judgment when we enforce it," Terrell said.

Tonight will be the first discussion on the curfew ordinance.  City Council is looking to adopt the ordinance in October.

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