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Commissioners feud over Chehaw meetings

September 5, 2006

Albany -- An Albany City Commissioner says a fellow commissioner isn't setting a good example. Ward Six commissioner Tommy Postell is the city appointee to the Chehaw board of directors, but he apparently doesn't regularly attend the Chehaw meetings.

Now, Commissioner Bo Dorough, a former Chehaw board member, wants Postell removed.    

The Albany City Commission selects one member from its board to be on the authority at the Parks at Chehaw. The current representative, Tommy Postell, has been accused of not showing up for the job.

"We have situation where commissioner represented on authority has missed more than half the meetings in a fiscal year,"  said Ward 4 Commissioner Bo Dorough.

Dorough says Postell has missed at least seven of thirteen meetings. He says, "It says if you miss more than three meetings in one year, then you may be removed."

But Postell says he didn't miss that many meetings. He says he was just late to some, and therefore not counted as present. "Being late to meetings is different from being absent from meetings."

Postell says Dorough is just upset because he wanted to be the Commissioner that represented Chehaw. "He was just anti-everything, and now he's anti-Postell because I got to be the Commissioner at Chehaw, and he can stay anti-Postell, because he don't do nothing for me that I can't do for myself."

Anytime an authority member misses a meeting, his absence is supposed to be reported to the city clerk by Executive Director, Doug Porter.

He didn't do that, and says he's not really comfortable with that method. "The thing I'm uncomfortable with is," says Porter, "If it falls back to the executive director to monitor the attendance of the park authority, that puts me in an uncomfortable position of monitoring the people that I work for."

Postell told the commission he had only missed two meetings and had served Chehaw well. The board decided he will stay and continue to represent them.  

Doug Porter says he is reviewing the attendance policy with the chairman of the park authority to keep better records of tardiness and absences.  



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