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Wrestling brings business to town

September 3, 2006

Albany -WWE wrestling smacks down at the Albany Civic Center tonight.

Several wrestling fans lined up at the box office starting at noon today to buy their last minute tickets. Fans came from across the state and say more events like this will attract more people to Albany.

Wrestlers aren't the only ones smacking down in Albany. Fans are smacking down the big bucks to see them.

"Got two tickets, section 101, row MM, corner seats should be pretty good seats," said Coveleski Stewart.

Those tickets seem to be hottest around town, bringing in many out-of-towners, no matter how old.

"Who's your favorite wrestler? John Cena. And what do you want to happen today? I want him to sweat on me," said Briana Jenkins.

Briana Jenkins came from Ellaville with cousin Destiny Jenkins just to see the show.

Wrestling fan Paul Gaskins drove to Albany from more than 50 miles away and says there's only one thing that would keep him from coming to the show.

"If I didn't have the money I'd miss it, but I have the money," said Paul Gaskins.

Bringing money into town is what local leaders and business people want to see happen more often.

Albany Civic Center Director John Mazzola says wrestling draws a huge crowd that local businesses benefit from.

"Restaurants people are going to go out and have dinner before the show so hopefully they'll go out a little after the show before they go home, some people have driven from out of town, there may be some hotels, overnight stays as well," said Civic Center director John Mazzola.

Everyone has their own reasons for buying wrestling tickets.

"I just like it, the men mostly. I'm just telling the truth, I can't lie about it," said wrestling fan Cindy Myrick.

The live show is a good time for fans, and can be a big plus for nearby businesses.

WWE Wrestling Live featured big names like John Cena, Ric Flair, and HHH.

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