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County controls mosquito population

September 1, 2006

Albany -- One day after an emergency meeting to talk about mosquitoes and public health, the director of mosquito control says there will not be increased spraying in Dougherty County. Donell Mathis says the current spraying program is adequate.

Even so, the only two reported cases of West Nile Virus in Georgia have been from right here in Dougherty County. One of them was fatal.

Donnell Mathis sprays, sprays, and sprays some more. Two people have contracted West Nile here, one of them died. One virus-infected pool of water has been found. Even so, mosquito control may not spray your neighborhood more frequently.

"Right now there is nothing changed with that, if we have intense complaints coming to where we were having more problems and then there's a possibility we will increase our days a week of spraying," said Donnell Mathis.

Dougherty County has four trucks spraying five days a week for five hours a day. Following an Albany man's death from West Nile, reported earlier this week, County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard said the county would do whatever it takes to keep citizens safe, regardless of cost. But Mathis says that's not needed.

"Four trucks is adequate to the city and the county to make rounds in a timely manner," said Mathis.

Mathis says for now the areas that have tested positive for the virus will be sprayed more often than other places.

"We would also try to hit these target areas basically every five days or in between that time that they would be getting sprayed a little more often until we can get the mosquitos under control," said Donnell Mathis.

The county is doing what it will for now to control the mosquito population and asks the public the step up to protect themselves as well.

Donnell Mathis says he hopes the city will clear out overgrown alleys and lots so prevent mosquito breeding grounds.



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