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Finance Director will soon learn fate

August 31, 2006

Albany - The fate of Albany's suspended finance Director will be decided within the next week. City Manger Alfred Lott gave Finance Director Shirley Smith the option to retire, resign or be fired. She refused to resign.

In a special called meeting with city commissioners, Lott said Smith intimidated employees and made them do personal errands for her. Lott suspended Smith for four days earlier this year for taking an unauthorized trip to Canada for training.

She received approval from interim City Manager Lem Edwards before Lott was hired but did not seek Lott's approval. Lott hired a consultant to interview Smith's employees about her performance. As a result, she was suspended and now faces termination proceedings. Smith has been the city's finance director since 1996.  He says, "Based on those conversations I was aware of possible improprieties and most important, possible violations of city policy." 

Smith remains on administrative leave. Lott says he will make a decision within the week.



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