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Consolidation group looks at input

August 31, 2006

Albany  -- The slow move toward consolidating Albany and Dougherty County governments took another baby step forward today.   

The commission set up to write a proposed charter for the combined government reviewed the input they got during a series of public hearings. They decided not to make any changes to the draft charter which will now be sent on to the city and county commissioners.  

"I would think that each commissioner would want the citizens to have an opportunity to express themselves," said Charter Commission Member George Brown.  "The only way they would have that would be for the charter to be approved, and it go through the legislature, the justice department, and then the citizens of Albany and Dougherty County."   

The charter commission wants to present the proposed charter at a joint meeting with the city and county, but that hasn't been set.   

The charter would create one governing board made up of eight commissioners and a mayor/CEO.



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