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Who wants Mayor Adams recalled?

August 31, 2006

Albany -- There may be a recall petition against Albany Mayor Willie Adams.  Application forms were picked up last Friday.   We don't know who picked up the applications, but whoever it is has 15 days to fill it out and lobby for signatures.      

Mayor Willie Adams first learned there could be a recall against him yesterday when he received a certified letter from Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher. "It's a citizen's right. If they feel that they are disenchanted with the leadership of the community. They can circulate a recall petition. That's the American way of doing it and we just have to see how it works out."

The sponsors of the recall must supply specific grounds. For example, has the mayor committed an act of malfeasance while in office, violated his oath, committed an act of misconduct, failed to perform duties according to law or misused public funds?

"A recall insinuates that someone believes you've done something wrong while in office," we said. 

"Well, of course, you're right about that,"  Adams said. "And I'm going to think real hard this afternoon and tonight as to what have I done wrong and I'm sure that in any leadership position, you're going to disappoint some people. There's an old saying that if you don't disappoint half the people then you're not doing a good job."

But it would only take the opinion of half the people voting in a recall to determine if Adams would stay in office. He could fight the matter, question the reason in court. But he says he has no desire to do that.

"No, no. If enough people in Albany think that I should be recalled, it's the citizens' right to do that and I will go snow skiing, fishing and hunting."

Carolyn Hatcher would not tell us who picked up the application, and Adams says he has no idea who would want him out of office. But he does know this. "I have not spent one restless night thinking about what would happen if Willie Adams was not the Mayor of the city of Albany, Georgia."

But he may spend quite a few wondering who it is that wants him out.  The actual application for recall requires 100 signatures of registered voters who were also registered to vote in ALBANY when Adams was elected.

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