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Law Enforcement Crack Down on Drunk Drivers

August 31, 2006

Hamilton County - Statistics show somewhere in the country someone is killed by a drunk driver every 30 minutes.

The Georgia State Patrol doesn't like these numbers.  "That number is to high. Any time anyone is killed on our roadways we think that's to many," said Captain George Whittaker of the Georgia State Patrol.

They've teamed up with law enforcement agencies in other states to crack down on drunk drivers.  "We will be running concentrated patrols, we will be running and manning sobriety check points, things of this nature to try and make the holidays as safe as possible," Captain Whittaker added.

They say it's easy for Georgia residents to be responsible drivers this holiday weekend.  If you plan to drink, don't drive. If you plan to go to a party or barbeque, choose a designated driver. And always buckle up.

Whittaker says, "Well the seat belt is the best way you can stay safe inside a car. You can't have control of what the drunk driver is doing in the car you may come in contact with but you can have control over your vehicle and the occupants in your vehicle."

So when you're driving down the road this weekend, remember the police, sheriffs, and state patrol are working overtime to get any offenders off the streets and behind bars.



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