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Dealing with mosquitos the high-tech way

August 31, 2006

Albany -- Because of the West Nile threat, you may be searching for protection from mosquitoes.

An effective, but expensive, option is a mosquito trap like the Mosquito Magnet brand sold at Modern Gas. The traps emit a plume of carbon dioxide to attract feeding mosquitoes. It then sucks them in and traps them where they die. The traps claim to cover areas from a half-acre to one-and-a-half acres. But with costs starting at $300.00, it's a pricey solution.

 "There's a lot of folks who go to the expense of buying one of these traps because they don't harm other beneficial insects, they only attract biting insects," says Steven Holloway of Modern Gas. 

One female mosquito can hatch hundreds of mosquito eggs in less than a week. In turn, her offspring will be ready to reproduce and hatch hundreds of eggs each in just more than a week.

To get more information on how you can combat mosquitos, and to see what county officials are doing about it, you can attend the an informational community meeting about West Nile Virus and mosquito control and prevention on this evening, at 6:00 p.m., in Room 100 of the Government Building at 222 Pine Avenue in Albany.



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