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Diesel prices unchanged

August 30, 2006

Albany-- You've probably noticed that gas prices are going down but the price truckers pay for diesel hasn't changed much.

According to Triple A, the state average for a gallon of diesel fuel is $2.94. That's the same it was a month ago and truckers say they need relief. James Hightower owns and operates his own truck and spends nearly 15-hundred dollars a month on diesel.  

"They need to come on down some more where drivers can afford to get out and make a living. It's hard to make a living right now because of the fuel prices," says truck driver James Hightower.

Although you may see the lower gasoline prices as a relief, you're still paying for the high cost of diesel even if you don't buy the fuel.

High prices increase shipping costs for all sorts of products and those costs are generally passed on to consumers.  

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