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Justice wants Georgia's Supreme Court better understood

August 30, 2006

Albany -- A member of the Georgia Supreme Court, running for re-election, said she wants to let everyone in the state know more about what the Supreme Court does.

 Carol Hunstein has served 14 years in the Georgia Supreme Court, and is on the ballot in November. Hunstein says the state Supreme Court reviews about two thousand cases a year, but admits most people who will vote in this fall's election have little idea what they do.

Hunstein said the Justices want to use the Internet to let more Georgians see their work. " I'm hoping eventually to have all of our cases live on the Internet, and I think that would really welcome the public into our courtroom. "

A cancer survivor who lost her left left leg to the disease, Hunstein is an advocate in domestic violence, and child support issues.

She is facing Mike Wiggins in November's election.

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