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Mosquito meeting planned for Thursday

August 30, 2006

Albany --  On the heels of the West Nile Virus death on Albany's East side, county health leadershp has announced a meeting to address the situatuion.

Local public health officials will conduct an informational community meeting about WNV and mosquito control and prevention on Thursday, Aug. 31, at 6:00 p.m., in Room 100 of the Government Building at 222 Pine Avenue in Albany.

The Dougherty County Commission is devoting plenty of attention to the threat. "We have folks going door to door giving our literature and pamphlets letting folks know they need to wear light colors, long sleeves, long pants, use DEET," says Commission Chairman Jeff "Bodine" Sinyard.

Sinyard also says the West Nile threat will get public money allocations. "Whatever resources we have to use in the next days, weeks, months, or years, we're going to do it.  Money is not an issue. It's doing what's necessary to protect our citizens."

Currently, Dugherty County has four mosquito-spraying trucks which operate five hours per day, five days a week. As a result of the Tursday meeting, that schdule is likely to expand, especially since the comnmission chairman says the money will be there to fight the danger.

For more information on West Nile Virus, please contact Dougherty County Environmental Health at 229-438-3943. For more information on WNV and other mosquito-borne diseases go to: .  


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