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Valdosta buses are cool

August 29, 2006

Valdosta - With the stifling temperatures in South Georgia, school buses can sometimes be unbearable for the students who ride them.  "I know personally from being on the buses they're extremely hot, especially this time of year. Even with the windows down they're like ovens," said Dr. Bill Cason, Assistant Superintendent of Finance at Valdosta City School System.

This is a problem Valdosta City School board members and faculty hear about year after year.  "We're constantly asked about it. We're constantly asked about two things. Air conditioned buses and seat belts. Those are the two things parents most often ask about."

But after Governor Sonny Perdue initiated his Bond for Buses program, they were given the opportunity to purchase four new buses.  "We decided we would purchase those buses with the Air Conditioner option just to give it a try to see how well it would work with our students," Cason says.

Although temperatures in the buses can exceed 100 degrees, the heat wasn't the only reason the school system chose to buy the new Air Conditioned buses.  "We heard through Dougherty County systems and other systems who have Air Conditioned buses that it does help improve students behavior on the buses."

If they feel these buses get positive reactions and feedback, the school will most likely purchase more Air Conditioned buses with the help of SPLOST and through their annual purchasing cycle.

The new buses are expected to arrive in Valdosta next month.


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