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City may scrap employee evaluation system

August 29, 2006

Albany --  Albany's employee bonus fiasco earlier this year shed light on the city's performance evaluation system. About 50 people complained they didn't get bonuses because the system was flawed. Ultimately, the city went back and gave some of those employees bonuses they originally didn't get.

Now, commissioners are considering doing away with that evaluation system.  

Former Albany Assistant City Manager Kevin Hogencamp was outspoken about the way city bonuses were handed out earlier this year.  He felt so strongly about it he resigned, as did computer analyst Simit Patel. 

They believed the "not applicable" categories shouldn't have counted against employees.  The city Commission and Mayor ultimately agreed. "This is something that has been sorely needed in the city.  It has not properly been done, in my opinion, before," said Mayor Willie Adams.

To take the subjectivity out of the evaluation process, commissioners asked City Manager Alfred Lott to consider a new system.  Today, he presented them with Performance Pro. With this appraisal system, employees meet with their supervisors and set up of list of goals and objectives they should reach during the year.

"Now we have instruments in place that people know what they're supposed to do.  They can work towards their goals and they can expect to be evaluated by how well they do," said Mayor Adams.

Each employees' goals are specific to their jobs so they know what is expected of them.  Any "not applicable" duties won't be on their evaluations so they can't count against them.

"The important thing is that at the end of the process, when they've been counseled along the way, they have to sign off saying that they agree with the evaluation, or they don't agree with the evaluation.  If they don't agree with the evaluation, then they can appeal it," said Adams.

The city is currently testing the program for a six month period which ends December 30th.  Employees will then be re-evaluated and set new goals for the next year. 

City employees will be evaluated by their department heads, department heads by the city manager and the City Manager and other appointed officials by the commission.                  


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