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Skeeter squad continues its battle

August 28, 2006

Albany --  With recent rains and hot temperatures in Dougherty County, the conditions are just right for Mosquitoes to thrive, but Donnell Mathis says he won't let that happen.

Mathis and his crew with mosquito control have four spray trucks that are out five nights a week, spraying for five hours a night.

Mathis says it takes nine to ten days to cover the entire county, but it's working.  He says if homeowners will do their part by pouring out containers that hold rainwater, like buckets, bird baths, and old tires, there will be an even bigger reduction in the mosquito population.

Mathis says  other counties are asking for his help in getting rid of them. "Just to help them establish their program, and that's one of the things we want to be doing, is running the program accurate and the way it should be ran," he said. 

Mathis was recently elected as President of the Georgia Mosquito Control Association.  He takes over the position on October 20th.



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