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Phoebe members must reveal finances

August 28, 2006

Albany -- A Judge has again ordered Phoebe Putney Health Systems Board members to produce its financial records from 2000 to 2004 for discovery in a lawsuit.   Charles Rehberg, one of the Phoebe Factoid writers, is suing Phoebe Health Systems for defamation, false imprisonment, and infliction of mental distress.

Four board members had responded to an earlier order to turn over their financial records involving the Hospital, by saying they had none.

Judge John Harvey Friday ruled again that Phoebe's Board Members must produce their financial records, or sign a statement testifying they have none.

"To swallow that professionals, people that are in business, do not have financial information about their worth, or their transactions, or their daily affairs. We all do," said Rehberg Attorney Ralph Scoccimaro.

In Friday's order, Judge Harvey also admonished Phoebe attorney Rick Langley for having a private detective investigate Scoccimaro's personal military records. In the ruling Harvey wrote "The Court is appalled by.... counsel's egregious conduct in securing opposing counsel's military records. Such conduct does nothing to promote justice and only makes what should be civil completely uncivil."



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