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New Senior Home helps low-income elderly

August 25, 2006

Valdosta - With an increase in the number of Valdosta families living in sub-standard housing, some community members are taking action.  "We're thinking if there are 900 families in the Valdosta area that are needing housing, we think we can help the elderly," said Shelby Wright, Project Manager of Sans Horizon.

The Pastor of Evangel Temple purchased a plot of land and began to build Sans Horizon, a 30 unit Independent Residential Living Community for low-income elderly.  "The project will help some of those elderly person live in a safe, affordable, H.U.D subsidized building," Wright added.

Construction began a year ago on the facility that aimed to make its future tenants feel at home.  "It's more homey.  It's not institutionalized," said Construction Contractor Joe Clark.  "We don't want them to feel institutionalized.  We want them to feel at home so that's why we designed this type of a contemporary building."

As the building went up, people around town began to take notice.  "Elderly especially are stopping by, wanting to know about applications, we can we move, when you going to be finished, I want to move in, I'm ready to go, that sort of thing.  So they're really excited and so are we," Clark remarks.

In fact, the home has become so popular there is already a short waiting list to move in.  And Sans Horizon officials are already planning to add an additional 60 units to the current project.  Clark says, "That's something that we are working on right now.  We don't have an actual date when that's going to start."

The first 30 units in Sans Horizon will open in November with additional units expected to open up in a year.  When complete, the San Horizon could assist up to 180 senior citizens in the area.


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