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Prosecution wraps up Troupe case

August 25, 2006

Douglas -- Prosecutors wrapped up their case Friday in the vehicular homicide trial of Amanda Troupe. She's on trial for the deaths of five children almost three years ago on a rural Coffee County road.

Thursday, the prosecution recreated the crash scene and hammered home evidence they say proves Troupe was driving drunk.

Prosecutors focused on Amanda Troupe's blood alcohol level at the time her car crashed into an ATV that carried six children.

A toxicologist testified it was almost twice the legal limit.  "The results were 0.155 grams per 100 milliliters. Trooper Cpl. Jeffrey Kidd also testified that alcohol was found in Troupe's car. "Depicted in this photograph I see clearly five unopened Bud Light cans."

The Specialized Collision and Reconstruction Team and Prosecutors walked jurors through other evidence and showed jurors more pictures of the vehicles involved.  "Depicts the contact crush damage between the 4 wheeler and also some of the occupants of the 4 wheeler to this vehicle," said Kidd.

Corporal Jeffrey Kidd testified, the two vehicles impacted head on because of the jagged metal damage to the car, but the car also showed soft damage, caused by the kids striking the car.

There was also testimony about whether the ATV's front light was on. The D. A. asked, "We're you able to examine the lamps and the lights on the front of that ATV?"

"No sir. They were destroyed in the crash." Kidd testified, the lights may have been on because evidence showed the rear taillight was working.

Kidd also testified about alcohol in the car. Another Trooper testified that Amanda Troupe's car traveled nearly 134 feet after the initial impact with the ATV that traveled 186 feet.

The defense brought up inconsistencies in the testimony of two troopers. One claimed a passenger in Troupe's car was wearing a seatbelt, another said the passenger was not buckled up.

Amanda Troupe may take the stand this afternoon in her own defense.


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