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Troupe jury hears of heavy intoxication

August 24, 2006

Douglas -- Amanda Troupe's blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit the night her car hit an ATV loaded with children. Troupe is charged with vehicular homicide in the deaths of five children.  

Jurors got a closer look at the scene, the night Amanda Troupe's Lincoln LS struck an ATV carrying six kids on Smith Cemetery Road. The Specialized Reconstruction Team mapped the accident scene showing jurors just how the vehicles collided the night of September 20th, 2003.

Trooper David McLemore took the stand and explains how his team mapped a grid of the accident scene on Monday after the accident. By mapping the scene, he was able to show jurors just when the bodies of six children were left lying following the accident.

Through the mapping technology, he also showed jurors, just where the two vehicle collided. "This right here, this diagram shows right here the impact of the Lincoln with the four wheeler and then as the vehicle was traveling to a final rest and it just diagrams and shows how that vehicle is traveling to a final rest," said McLemore.

Trooper McLemore also detailed for jurors skid marks found along Smith Cemetery Road that indicated which direction the vehicles were traveling and gouges in the roadway from their impact.

In addition to Trooper McLemore's testimony jurors also heard details from other GSP officers who helped map the scene. Prosecutions in this case charged Amanda Troupe with driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit of .08 and Driving under the Influence, less safe.

Today jurors found out why. GBI Forensic pathologist David Adams read Amanda Troupe's blood alcohol results aloud in court. "The results were 0.155 grams per 100 milliliters," he said.

Just before the results were read, there were objections from the defense.  "Your honor, I'd like to enter an objection at this point in time," interjected Defense Tom Pujadas.

Adams also testified how these type of results could affect a person's judgment. "If you were driving at night, and meeting an oncoming car it would take your glare recovery or the length of time for your eyes to adjust to that glare, it takes longer for that to happen. Depth perception is affected."

Jurors also got their first look at the damaged ATV and Lincoln LS, which rolled over as a result of it's collision with the ditch. "This is the opposite side of the vehicle at final rest," said GSP Trooper Fitzgerald Williams.

Trooper Williams also testified about finding an empty beer bottle near the scene and in the car. "Depicted in one of the photographs, there is a beer can in the back seat."

In cross examination, Williams admitted the bottle found outside the car, may have just been there on the side of the road. He said it was not picked up or examined for fingerprints.

Also testifying today were several other Georgia State Patrol Troopers who responded the night of the accident and Coffee Memorial Hospital's Lab director.

Amanda Troupe faces a 20 count indictment, including homicide by vehicle,  DUI, and three serious injuries by vehicle for the collision with the ATV that killed Megan Nelson, Kayla and Dustin Varnadore, Lindsay Joyner, and Courtney Arsenault.



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