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Lee County man claims some county workers committed fraud

August 22, 2006

Lee County--A Lee County taxpayer says the county's $4,000 a month cell phone bill is a waste of taxpayer's money.

Tonight, Bob Usry told county commissioners he thinks some of them and some county employees are misusing their county phones.

He obtained phone records and says many phone calls have nothing to do with county business.

"You have commissioners calling their friends all over in Alabama, people in LaGrange, people calling their boyfriend, and different things like that, and it's fraud. The two commissioners that are doing that need to resign," says Lee County resident, Bob Usry.

"He's been serving on that board, if he was really concerned about it, why is it now just coming up? It seems like he has a vendetta and he's trying to gouge back at somebody," says Lee County commissioner Wally Roberts.

Several weeks ago, commissioners voted to remove Usry from the county utility authority after initially reappointing him.

There were charges commissioners made that move because Usry did not support Chairman Jackie Sizemore's re-election bid; but Sizemore claimed a more qualified person offered to serve on the authority.

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