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Fake $100 bills found in city

August 22, 2006

Albany --  Counterfeiters are getting better, and Secret Service agents warn retailers to be on the lookout for fake $100 bills.

These are counterfeit hundreds that have been passed in Georgia. They're really five dollar bills.  Counterfeiters bleached out them out and then printed one-hundred dollar notes on them with a computer printer.

The idea is to get around the test pens many stores use to identify real money stock. 

Secret Service Agents say those pens are not reliable. "It's not always correct, it's not always accurate," said Stan Burruss of the U.S. Secret Service. "It's just a general rule of thumb. But most stores are aware of it, and beginning to check larger denomination bills when they come in."

Burruss has seen only a few of these counterfeit one-hundreds in South Georgia. 

 The best ways to check a bill to see if it is counterfeit is to compare it to a real bill. The printing quality will show in comparison.  Also hold a bill to the light to check for security threads or watermark image.

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