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Fill 'er up in Tifton!

August 22, 2006

Tifton -- Want to buy gas for 35 cents less than the national average?  Or 25 cents below the state average?  Head to Tifton.   

The Raceway gas station on highway 82 is selling regular unleaded gasoline for $2.57 per gallon.  That's even lower than the average price of gas one year ago. 

Miki Weatherford was traveling through Tifton and says she's glad she stopped to fill up. "I think it's great! We came here to fill up."

Customer Vic Stone says, "Maybe this gas will come down even lower.  Maybe the rest will come down with them." 

As a matter of fact they are, in Tifton, at least.  The E-Z Mart lowered its price to $2.57 this afternoon and other stores were offering prices just a few cents higher.

Know of other low gas prices?  Let us know at our Pump Patrol.




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