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Airport officials to sell Delta on lower fares

August 21, 2006

by Brian Russell

Albany -- Southwest Georgia travellers could soon see cheaper airfares ... at least that's the goal of officials from Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

They're preparing to meet with Delta leaders about ticket prices and other issues.

The Albany airport's only carrier is A-S-A, which is controlled by Atlanta-based Delta. So local leaders are headed there to plead their case.

"Airfares of course have increased because of fuel costs, but they have also increased a little bit more than they should have. So, what we want to talk to them about are No. 1 ... reliability... and No. 2, to see if we can get some relief on our airfares," said Yvette Aehle, airport director.

Ahele says she wants to hear from south Georgia air travelers -- the good and the bad about flying out of Albany -- so that she can pass that information on to Delta leaders.