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Cell phone tower nixed

August 21, 2006

Dougherty County -- It's back to the drawing board for a company that wanted to construct a cell phone tower near Albany.   

Barinowski Investment Company was given the "no go" at today's County Commission meeting.    They wanted to install a new cell tower near Dyson Court to allow Southernlinc customers-- including emergency workers-- better coverage.

"It really hurts us, and I really believe it hurts the public safety in Dougherty County," said Mark Barinowski, of Barinowski Investments.  

"I can't understand it being denied when this was such an asset as far as communication with emergency vehicles as well as individuals on cellular phones," said Phyllis Dyson Jackson, who favored the tower.  

The company will now try to find a new location and try again to get the county's approval.  It could take as long as a year to find a new site for the proposed tower.

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