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Chambliss weighs in on the I's

August 21, 2006

Moultrie --  Senator Saxby Chambliss says the war in Iraq has moved into a third phase for American troops, a gangland fight. A member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Chambliss said U.S. troops have stopped a great deal of the hidden explosive attacks that plagued them so long.

But Chambliss said the insurgents are clever and intelligent, and must be fought in Iraq or face the war shifting to the United States. "They all carry laptops. They are carrying out a very active war against the United States and against our allies, and freedom and Democracy around the world. If we weren't fighting the war there, certainly it would be moved to the United States."

Chambliss said most important for United States is to support the new Prime Minister's government in Iraq, preventing Civil War.  Chambliss said if we can do that, more troops could start coming home by the end of the year.

Chambliss said tomorrow the world will find out if the United Nations has any backbone. The U.N. security council has called for Iran to end it's nuclear enrichment program by the end of the month. Iran promised to give what it calls a "multifaceted response" tomorrow, while insisting it will not stop uranium enrichment. 

The Senator said it is time for the U.N. to prove itself. "We are going to find out if the United Nations has any backbone to it or not. I have not been very complimentary to the U.N. over the last several years. I think they have had weak leadership.  But we will see tomorrow if that leadership will force them to do what the Security Council has said they have to do, and that is a move towards disarmament."

Senator Chambliss said Iran is currently supplying Hezbollah, and the United Nations must step forward to stop Iran before they face a nuclear stand off.


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