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Cougars Looking Crisp

August 20, 2006

Cordele -- The senior class on the Crisp County football team has had a pretty good run.

They've been to the playoffs the last two seasons, making it to the second round in 2004.

While a record of 2-9 was good enough to make it to the postseason last year, the Cougars seniors have their sights set much higher in 2006.

Kevin Felton says, "We're not going to lose. We're going to go all the way. That's my expectation. Go all the way to the Dome."

Cory Stripling adds, "We're going to go all the way, I'm pretty sure on that. Anything less than the Dome and I'm going to be pretty disappointed this year."

Tommy Walburn takes over as coach of the Cougars this season.

Walburn spent the last five years as head coach at Troupe, where he won 43 games and went to the playoffs every year.

Walburn says his new team has looked good in the preseason.

"Anytime you go through a coaching change like we have here it's all a learning experience," says Walburn. "The kids are trying to learn us, and we're trying to learn them. I've been pleased with their attitude and their work habits."

Stripling says, "He's a great coach. I've learned a lot under him in the last few months. Probably more than I learned my last three years."

The Cougars say they're ready to put last season behind them.

"Last year we had a rough season," says Felton. "We were young, but now we have a lot of experience coming back on defense and we should be ready."

Walburn says, "I'm really impressed with our skill players. We have a lot of players coming back as far as your receivers, running backs, and defensive backs."

"I think our strength this year is going to be on defense," adds Stripling. "Even though I'm on offense, I gotta give it up to the defense, cause we got some pretty big guys out there this year."

Walburn says while the team has looked good, improvement will take time.

"It's a process," says the new coach. "To get it where you want it to be it takes a number of years, but we don't have that much time right now."

Stripling says, "We'll just come out with our heads up. Knock some heads in our first game, and it'll pretty much set the tone from there."

Crisp County opens up the season on the road at Dooly County September 1st.


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