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Well Worth It

August 19, 2006

Sylvester -- The Worth County football team has had its troubles in recent seasons, culminating with a 1-9 record last year.

They haven't had a winning record this millennium.

Looking for a return to glory in 2006, Worth County has brought in a head coach that has a history of turning around programs, and the team has high hopes for the season.

When Harris Rainbow left Riverwood High School in Atlanta for Worth County, he did so for one reason.

"I came to Worth County because I believe Worth County can win a state championship," says Rainbow. "Might not see it this year, might not see it next year, but I believe Worth County can win a state championship again. They did it before in 1987, and I've always heard it's a lot easier to do something when you've done it before."

The Rams players say they like what they've been hearing from their new head coach, and the turnout has been strong.

Senior Blake Ellis says, "Oh, we got way more people that we did the last three years I've been here. New coaches. That's what it is, new coaches."

"He's a wonderful guy," adds senior Brandon Jackson. "Great coach. Loves to win. We can learn from him."

Rainbow says he's looking to change the attitude of the football program.

"I've told these kids and I've told everyone in the community what we need to do is get these kids to believe in what we're doing. Believe in the new system. Believe in everything we're trying to do. We got to get them to believe in what it takes to win. It's not just good enough to talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. I know everyone's heard that before, it's a cliché, but we have to learn to walk the walk, we can't just be talking."

The Worth County seniors are ready for a quick turnaround this season.

Jackson says, "It's very important. It's our last year, we have to give it everything we got."

Fellow senior Joey Robinson adds, "We'll do more than 1-9 this season. We should make the playoffs, and we should win the region."

"This season, we're not going to go 1-9," says Ellis. "We've got great new coaches. I've never been to a playoff game my whole career, so my senior year, that's where I want to go."

Worth County opens up the season at home September 1st against Turner County.

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