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Thronateeska probes the heavens

August 18, 2006

Albany  --   Pluto's days as a full-fledged planet and the exact number of planets in our solar system may be up in the air. The International Astronomical Union will meet next week to decide the new definition of a planet.   

One likely proposal by the IAU will be to keep Pluto as a planet and add three others for a total of twelve.   

This has textbook writers, teachers, and planetarium workers waiting anxiously to get the word out in case of changes. "We are on the brink of something big here," says Veronica Martinez of Thronateeska. "I mean all the science books in the United States and all over the world are going to change and this is a big thing and so we are just wanting to stay up with it so we can teach the right information to the kids and everyone that comes to visit our planetarium."   

Recently a California astronomer found several planet-like objects in the Kuiper Belt, including one that is larger than Pluto.



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