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APD says it's collared teen burglars

August 18, 2006

Albany --  Another burglary is Northwest Albany, last night at a condo on Partridge Drive. It's a growing crime that's up 50 percent in this part of the city.  

Friday, Albany police announced they've arrested three teenagers they believe are responsible for at least some of the break-ins. They are charged with eight burglaries in one neighborhood.  

Between July 1st and August 4th, break-ins plagued homes in the Old Dominion, Jim Stokes, and Dominion Court area, a quiet middle class neighborhood near St. Andrews subdivision on Old Dawson Road.

Nineteen-year-old Lavalle Parker, 18-year-old Dominique Nelson, and a 15-year-old juvenile are charged with those burglaries. Police say former standout athlete Lavalle Parker lives in the area, and cased out his own neighbors.

Sgt. Carmelita Preston said, "During the day when people were going to work, they would drive around and see whether or not the persons were home, the residents were home, and then they would go and burglarize their house."

Jewelry, electronics, computers, and clothes were taken in the burglaries. A tip the teens were casing out homes led Police to pawn shops and a lot of the stolen items.

"With that information it led to the recovery of some of the property from the burglaries, and therefore I took a warrant based on the property recovered and the burglaries," Preston said.

Police say these arrests show that neighborhood watches work. Lt. Kenn Singleton said, "A lot of the witnesses stated that they did see these individuals hanging out in the neighborhoods, and they did give Police a call and give them information." 

Nelson and Parker are in the Dougherty County jail. The juvenile is in the Youth Development Center. Police have recovered much of the stolen merchandise and want victims to come forward to claim it.

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