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Lightning strikes another Albany home

  August 17, 2006

Albany -- Three Dougherty County houses have been damaged by lightning since Friday.

 The latest was about 6:15 Wednesday night, when a home in the 1900 block of Skylane Drive was struck, and the attic set on fire.

Firefighters say the lightning shorted out an electrical box, causing about two thousand dollars in damage.

Firefighters say people often don't realize their home has been damaged by lightning during storms, even as a fire is spreading. Albany Fire Chief James Carswell  said "It doesn't necessarily have to strike your house to cause damage to your house. Be advised to go check out your attic, check out rooms that you may not be in. "

 Carswell said lightning caused fires are tough to fight, because they are usually inside the attic, where people often store boxes.  


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