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Recent rains save the day

August 17, 2006

Albany - A water specialist says Southwest Georgia streams and crops were saved from near critical condition by the recent afternoon scattered rain showers.

Hydrologist Woody Hicks with the Jones Ecological Center says South Georgia streams last month were drying up in the drought, but the almost daily showers in August have helped recharge surface water.

Hicks says those showers have also helped farmers cut back on their irrigation, which he says takes close to one billion gallons of water a day to quench the 750,000 acres of crop land in 21 counties.  

"They are patchy, but we have been getting some pretty good rain over the area.  Crop wise, folks are having to irrigate a little bit less, and that saves on the bottom line and saves on the resource."  

Hicks says there is still a considerable rain deficit for the year in Southwest Georgia, but overall the state's total rainfall since 1970 is actually above normal, and that we are blessed to have an abundance of water in underground reservoirs.


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